Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~ Anton Chekhov April is National Poetry Month, so it seemed fitting… When God made a woman He portioned Adam’s rib But when He made a mother He formed her from shattered stone And thread In the forge of … More Four

Goldfinch in September

You dart past with flash of Gilded wing I watch you set on weakened stem like an Aurelian acrobat on a swaying trapeze You hold fast to your perch Nimbly reaching for seeds born of stooped sunflower Your partner alights Less brilliant in hue but equally agile You call She echoes Halcyon voices sounding over … More Goldfinch in September


She waxes fire and fury Violent in temperament Savage hail and wilder winds Hurling arrows of searing rage across Blackened skies She settles broad and brimming Verdant to even shadowland Colour seeping from field and flower Drifting feathers of cirrus bliss through Cerulean vault She wanes tattered, threadbare Humble in submission A final feast for … More Eulogy

47 Ag 107.868 (Silver)

  I had my hair trimmed yesterday The ends had split, begun to fray   But strangely I observed a blip While brushing out from root to tip   Sprouting proudly from my part New silver threads, like abstract art   Waving wildly from the crown Gleaming ‘midst the sea of brown   Such boldness … More 47 Ag 107.868 (Silver)

A Season Unbroken

Snow brush flattened like a sorry toothbrush Even fruitcake left from Christmas sours Sweaters saggy, pilled and worn from usage Wintertime procrastinates   Separated mittens long forgotten Snow is foul and dreary; still it falls Naked tree so eager for its garment Malignant hypothermia   April 13, 2018        


O March, Thou art contrary. Once temperate, twice tempestuous Like Janus, two-faced. Muster thy bluster if thou must, But gift an hour of cerulean calm And I absolve thine inconsistent carriage.  


I’ve been thinking about the wind today. Look it up in a thesaurus and you’ll find at least a dozen alternatives, ranging from zephyr to tempest, and every air speed in between. We’ve had an abundance lately – of the wild and gale-force variety – and while living in a landscape littered with wind turbines … More WIND