During the afternoon, the heat is oppressive. Not in the heavy way like the humid East, but dry and searing, like the southern deserts. And no place is it hotter than my back deck. Intensified by reflection, the sun bakes the wood while calescent wind swirls like a convection oven. The outdoor rug ingests the … More metamorphose


The weather in September on the prairies was a bit like a lottery. You bought a ticket and crossed your fingers for Indian Summers with long shadows over gilded fields; late bloomers bravely defying the approaching solstice and picnic lunches with fresh crisp apples and bored but hungry wasps. This year, the cold came early.  … More Shift

A Season Unbroken

Snow brush flattened like a sorry toothbrush Even fruitcake left from Christmas sours Sweaters saggy, pilled and worn from usage Wintertime procrastinates   Separated mittens long forgotten Snow is foul and dreary; still it falls Naked tree so eager for its garment Malignant hypothermia   April 13, 2018        


O March, Thou art contrary. Once temperate, twice tempestuous Like Janus, two-faced. Muster thy bluster if thou must, But gift an hour of cerulean calm And I absolve thine inconsistent carriage.  


I’ve been thinking about the wind today. Look it up in a thesaurus and you’ll find at least a dozen alternatives, ranging from zephyr to tempest, and every air speed in between. We’ve had an abundance lately – of the wild and gale-force variety – and while living in a landscape littered with wind turbines … More WIND