Harvest Hockey Pop Moon

Sitting at hockey evaluations this week, a friend of mine asked me how my organizing was coming along.  A valid question.  Progress thus far has been limited to the pantry (which you may have seen if you follow my Instagram stories on @windandbone), the bathrooms (unbelievable how many things came out of there – we had 61 travel-size toiletries), and the fridge.  Between my work schedule and my kids orthodontist appointments (which somehow cannot be arranged for the same day), I figure I can spare one half to one full day decluttering and de-owning each week.  With a week or two thrown in for extra shifts and other problems, on the current schedule, I should be finished all of the rooms by the end of November.  So that means February.  or maybe March.

As I get deeper into the “stuff”, I am seeing how huge of a project, both emotionally and physically, this is.  I feel like I need to come up with some kind of a motivation, a reward of sorts, to encourage me to stick with it.  I’ve never been very good at sticking with diets or exercise plans, but then a food reward kind of defeats the purpose.  How do you stay motivated over the long term?

P.S.  Parenting a strong-willed, extra-sensitive and philosophical child is really hard.  Heart-breakingly, gut-wrenchingly, and tear-jerkingly hard.  I am taking applications for a support group. Also, don’t give kids pop after hockey practice on an empty stomach on the night of the Harvest Moon.