BUTTERFLY If I’m being honest, I would have to admit that I have become more closely acquainted with bitterness over the past few years than at any other time in my life. It has become difficult to see past hurts and cold shoulders, even unintentional ones…maybe especially unintentional ones. How could you not know? How … More Nine


“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”― William Penn When I take the boys’ photos each Autumn, sometimes in my pop-up studio and sometimes out in the wild, I become reluctantly reacquainted with the relentless passage of time. The subtle changes in their faces are a fine example of the muse: “Isn’t … More Seven

A brief briefing

Some thoughts on the past 4 months… It all started last July. To be honest, it was even before that; the discontent and restlessness prompting me to look for a change.  In the middle of a pandemic, when you work in healthcare, the logical place to look for change is in your work.  So when … More A brief briefing


During the afternoon, the heat is oppressive. Not in the heavy way like the humid East, but dry and searing, like the southern deserts. And no place is it hotter than my back deck. Intensified by reflection, the sun bakes the wood while calescent wind swirls like a convection oven. The outdoor rug ingests the … More metamorphose


2019 was a year of change and I have been frustrated with my slowness to adjust to this new normal. I have often been disappointed in myself, and have a sense that others may well be silently weary of hearing my disdain for present circumstances (even though they were willingly chosen). My husband likened these … More Plan


The weather in September on the prairies was a bit like a lottery. You bought a ticket and crossed your fingers for Indian Summers with long shadows over gilded fields; late bloomers bravely defying the approaching solstice and picnic lunches with fresh crisp apples and bored but hungry wasps. This year, the cold came early.  … More Shift


I recently discovered a concept which is not new.  Which makes me late to the party, or more accurately late to hear about a party to which I may or may not have been invited – the jury is still out. Have you heard of minimalism?  Well this isn’t it.  Not exactly.  There’s definitely a … More Slow


Imagine you have a tangled up mess of Christmas lights, and you want to know if you have enough to string your tree.  Or you want to discover how much yarn you have in a twisted up ball.  Maybe you want to wear a necklace but it’s become knotted in your jewelry box.  In each of these … More Unraveling


There is something fascinating happening in my home these days. It actually started a while ago, but sometimes what happens right under our noses is hard to perceive. Now let me preface the following by admitting that I am inexperienced and an early observer of this development, but it intrigues me greatly and I am devouring the novelty, … More Cracks