2021 –

“We all grow tired eventually; it happens to everyone. Even the sun, at the close of the year, is no longer a morning person.”

Joyce Rachelle

Well I think one could argue that “tired” is how we are all feeling. Tired of digging around in a purse for that mask, tired of runny hand sanitizer drips on our shoes, tired of navigating the ever-changing landscape of public health guidance, and just plain tired of all of it. Things felt different one year ago. The world felt hopeful, piqued with anticipation, and eager to move forward. It’s possible that we are exponentially closer now to keeping Covid trampled, but somehow, it feels like a moving target, a sneaky cat with 9 lives and only 2 or 3 of them spent…

It was perhaps this tiredness, this weight of sameness which drove me to seek out something different, not something less. In October I accepted a “Care Manager” position in Three Hills – a new job providing leadership to the Home Care and Continuing Care departments.  The learning curve has been vertical, and the hours long, and I find the change in mental work to be a pendulum swinging from frustrating to fulfilling, often in the same day. Time will tell if this becomes a permanent move.

Jeremy continues successfully in his role with 3M, but has graciously taken on more of the “home work” these past few months.  He enjoys cooking the “Chef’s Plate” meal a couple of times a week, nags the boys to clean up after themselves (*cleans up after them), does laundry and navigates the morning rush with aplomb. It is truly a partnership that enables me to try something new and I am grateful beyond words.

Judah is 10 years old, and cruising through grade 5. He is enjoying being in a small drama group on Thursday evenings, and not particularly enjoying his weekly piano lessons. Today he got his first Covid-19 vaccine – a milestone as earlier in the Spring he lamented, “I wish I could have been in the vaccine trial, then I’d be done already!” He has an expansive vocabulary, often impressing us with his choice of words.

At age 12, Donovan entered the murky waters of Junior High. There was definitely an adjustment required to manage the increased expectations, but Van has worked hard to rise to the occasion.  He loves skateboarding, and is often heard practising in the garage, mastering a new trick. He is back to hockey this year, choosing the less intense option of pond/funteam hockey, where he plays on a defensive line with his brother. We love that we are only on the hook for one practice and one game each week!

Kyler, 15 years old, has changed so much in the past year. While he would never admit to liking school, he sails through classes like a warm knife through butter. Not a fan of playing volleyball or basketball, he has chosen instead to provide scorekeeping services, pocketing a nice bit of change at the end of the season. We love watching him coach and encourage his brother on the ice, and tolerate his love of Forza 500 and Destiny 2 (video games).

Elias is 16, and of course the big task at 16 is to acquire a license to drive, which he did in the summertime. This new freedom has been both respected and enjoyed, and we love the fact that we have another option when it comes to transporting kids to activities. Elias is conscientious and hard-working in school, and loves to both play soccer (the local drop-in group was able to play until November 27 this year due to lack of snow!) and track stats and players in leagues around the world. A highlight for him was attending the Canada-Costa Rica Men’s Concacaf qualifier in Edmonton this November with his parents – a chilly but worthwhile event!

As a family we stayed mostly close to home this year, but enjoyed some time in Waterton National Park, and of course enjoyed our backyard, complete with our new addition, Charlie Brown. She has been a source of immeasurable amusement and delight for our family.

While we may be bidding farewell to 2021 in a state of fatigue, we are reminded that we have a Hope that transcends variants and a Foundation which holds fast through every storm.  

O Tidings of Comfort and Joy!